Incredible news again! A few hours ago we’ve reached 250.000 threshold on It’s unbelieveble, the amount of support we get from our backers on Kickstarter!

This means we can start the process of establishing an assembly plant on Haiti. The WakaWaka lights that we can provide them, can also be assembled locally, providing secure and well paying jobs to empower Haitian families. The initial baby assembly steps will concern packaging only. Then, if that works out well, we can upgrade the line towards plugging in the battery and step by step assembling a whole WakaWaka Light. If this all goes well, and quality is stable, we can upgrade to (partially) assembling the WakaWaka Power in Haiti. It is great to be able to do this for the Haitian community and we are certain this could have a real impact. What a great, great way to start 2013. Haiti here we come! For more info check

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